“If you commit to paying attention to cynics, your step away will turn into miles.”

On a homestretch, your character, passion and competence will be tested. It is just a step away so there is really no need to scream and yell to burn so much energy. Save the fuel for the next trip. You can argue but do not be shouting. Be smooth and attentive. It is only a step towards the finish line. You do not step on toes to hit your goals. Your last step requires great anticipation, good decision and rewarding precision. It’s fine to give advance thought of success. It is beautiful to smile before a delight and it is fun to cheer before you win. However, it is always the best to celebrate after the goal, and that is obviously the way to go. Anticipate before you step into greatness.

Make the right choice in the midst of many and your judgement must be sound. Your viewpoint feeds into your point of view. That is the main reason why you have to make the right decisions when you are just a step away. Ahenkorah (2018) hinted that to live or to die is to decide. Do not leave any grey space. Decide. A leader decides. Leader integrity is crucial here. Do not ever be tagged as an indecisive leader. Your step away is not necessarily about speed. It is about accuracy, exactness and rightness. Often times it is difficult to consistently remain calm, conscientious and focus in leadership development, but that is all you need when you are a step away.

Do not worry too much when your supposed final step fails to land well. Not every great step takes you to the promise land. Not every superb kick gives you a goal, in football. Just ensure you’re always standing. Maintain the winning mentally (Welch and Welch 2005). Resist falling when you can and even if you do fall, get up, dust off and focus on the journey. You always have the map. Use it! Ask, when you have to. Don’t go crazy trying to understand everything. Make meaning to what you understand and seek interpretation to what you do not know. Don’t wait, wade and wander in ignorance. After all, it’s beautiful to dance in the rain as long as you enjoy it. We complicate things when we actually have to simplify them.

Don’t ignore the cheers and do well to listen to the silence. When you know what is in the wok you’ll choose how to regulate the stove. I once worked with a stirrer. He hops from department to department, banging heads together. That was his joy. If you commit to paying attention to cynics, your step away will turn into miles. There are interesting characters also designed in the process to prolong your beautiful journey. In your step away, be patient, be alert and be happy. See every issue as a separate case and understand every matter uniquely. Focus on your next big step. It is just a step away and I am simply asking you to show maturity.

This is Leadership!

Author: Richard Kwarteng Ahenkorah

Principal Trainer, Eagle Knowledge Institute || Author: Your Journey To The Top

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