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My second book ARE YOU A GOOD LEADER is out. The book takes a far-reaching look at leadership from the woods through the paths to the fields. It consistently expounds that leadership is a DOING word. Simply put, leadership cannot be a noun. Leadership is a VERB. This book calls everyone to action as it also preps the mind on simple leadership situations and styles. As I bring this ‘best-seller’ to you, don’t just get a copy. Kindly get copies for your teams and your homes respectively. Please pick a copy for GHs50. You can also get an e-version for USD4.99 on It’s always an exciting encounter with the author, Richard. He urges readers not to buy the book to decorate their shelves, but to buy the book to develop themselves.

Richard Kwarteng Ahenkorah is the Author of the proven best approach to accelerate career progression book – Your Journey to the Top – a perfect encryption of success for corporate and personal development.  He participated in the 2018 Harvard Business School’s Global Executive Programme on Driving Corporate Performance in Boston Massachusetts, USA and he is an MBA lecturer in Strategic Leadership & Organizational Management at the Accra Business School- Ghana. He is an alumnus of Leeds University, UK, Australia Institute of Business and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology, Ghana. He is a natural leader and a mentor to many institutions and individuals. He is an external facilitator at the Ghana National Banking College with the Department of Leadership and Governance.

Richard has passion for people development and execution of corporate strategy. His messages always provoke positive discussions for leadership to focus on the next generation.  He believes that true leaders must see beyond their lifetime so to guide their actions and inactions in a bid to assess and reassess the reverberations of their deeds even when they are no more. Beyond legacy, leadership must be relevant. This is Leadership!

Richard likes to share great insights on Leadership, Culture, Business Development and Teamwork. He is a Leadership Columnist and the vision bearer of the Eagle Knowledge Institute-EKI. He is a banker by profession with the aptitude for team sharing and systems thinking.

His works and deeds confirm his understanding of leadership. His current book ARE YOU A GOOD LEADER provides solutions from crafting a compelling dream to mobilizing the dream and from Lead- a- ship to letting the Team Work. If you read Your Journey to the Top, ARE YOU A GOOD LEADER will tickle your every being on your leadership development journey.

Just grab your copy!

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