A leader must be happy. You just have to be happy no matter the color of the weather. Happiness is supposed to express the beautiful side of you. You can have several reasons to be down and sad. Perhaps you are not happy, often times. But there are also one hundred and one reasons why you have to be happy. You just made a choice.

Happiness is a mix of everything. The cry at dawn. The smile on a sunny day. The laugh, the cheers and the tears of joy. Don’t relate happiness to an emotional state. Rather, happiness is an achievement and fulfillment of your potential. I couldn’t agree with this more, if happiness is advanced as a virtue of life. The beauty for us is to work towards ‘achieving’ joy in our hearts. That is a good state and a more permanent realm. When you strive to achieve excellence, you’ll be on your way to the happy land. Subsequently, if you live in a way that will help you blossom, flourish or excel in future, you should be happy. Set goals and score goals. It is one source of happiness.

“Happiness is a mix of everything. The cry at dawn and the laugh in the sun.”

Staying happy is not too difficult to do. Keep working by sticking to your job description. Keep achieving results and if you keep exceeding targets, you’ll be fulfilled and you’ll be happy. Get a good attitude for work. Do you really want to be happy? See your targets as getting you to the happy land. Exceed them significantly. Simple. A man whispered to me some time back that happy people will always get to the top because they achieve their targets by way of fulfilling their potentials to achieving excellence. Another secret to happiness is to give. Give knowledge. Share experiences. Offer help. Happiness rise from happiness. When you are happy you’ll raise a happy family. Happy people make happy friends. There is no point discouraging yourself. People may not like you. So there is no point hating yourself. The secret is to love yourself first.

Dalai Lama, apart from his seven points to self-fulfillment, also makes it clear that no man can live alone. He contends that people around you are the first source of happiness and inspiration. His argument is interesting. Paraphrasing his question, he asked: How can a man go to the moon if he cannot even cross the street to say hello to the neighbor? Employees walk to the office without saying a simple hello to their associates. Participate in life. I mean enjoy it than watching it pass by. Sharing a great man’s experience: it came to pass that at some point in his life, a certain colleague failed to respond to his numerous greetings at work, as a young man. He never stopped saying hello, either. Another colleague advised him not to waste his time on the colleague who always fails to respond to his greetings. But this is the great man’s position: I shall continue to greet him. May be he is not up to my level yet. The very day, I stop saying hello to him, I may be reduced to his standard and I may not be happy. Happiness is also about doing what makes you achieve that greatness.

In pursuit of happiness, you’ll face challenges, sometimes right in your face. Some will hit you hard but don’t act back at them. The best form of revenge is to do better by day. People will press all the buttons. Stay on the high road. Don’t get on the rough road. You are polished than that. Corporate gossip? Let them talk about you. The point is that, they cannot be like you. Just be happy. They will give you a cold shoulder and a cold smile. Be consistent with doing the right things and doing things right. Be the difference. Don’t just make the difference. Just stay in the light and people will feel your influence. If you choose to stay in the dark, your shadows will not even follow you. Be the light. Be happy. Don’t go looking for happiness. You may not find it. Be happy and make someone happy.

Do your best to treat associates with respect and if possible kindness, not for a reason that they are nice, but for the fact that you are polite. Happiness found its way into Leadership when it was revealed that all true Leaders enjoy achieving their targets and for the very fact that fulfilling one’s potential is a great joy. As a leader, you can’t really change how people perceive you or say about you. You can rather change how you perceive people and subsequently what you say about yourself and others. People will talk about your newly found spirit because may be, you’ve stopped living just the way they live and may be, you do appear happier than them.

Madam Theresa said: Give the world the best you have and you may get hurt. Give the world your best anyway. Keep giving the world your best and this is a great source of joy. In fact, there’s nothing exciting, powerful and beautiful than giving the world a smile that has struggled through pain and tears. I don’t really want to know what is holding you back. Just give a broad smile. Give the world a smile and it will smile back in fourfold at you. Be simple. Learn to love without expecting anything back. Always be on the side of truth. Learn to take a sigh and breathe deeply. Cry if you have to. Give off your best and let things flow freely. The result is happiness. Keep in mind to enjoy life every day. Today will never come back.

It’s just okay to be unhappy and sad. Because if you never experience unhappiness and sadness, how would you know when you are happy-Lauren Oliver. Irrespective, of how the Greek philosophers posit happiness, it is just good to be unhappy sometimes, emotionally. At least you can tell the difference, when you are happy. Whatever it is that you are going through, just be happy. You only have yourself by yourself. So be happy. When the chips are down and all your friends and loved ones are gone, you only have your body by your body. So be happy. Even when your jaw seems to be fallen off, be happy. To keep your mind, body and soul together, be happy. When you are happy, other people around you have no option than to be happy. Forget about last month if you had a bad one. Forget about last year and learn through the process, if you had a terrible one. Just bless the people around you with happiness. Don’t also forget to touch your customers with the same happiness. Be happy in whatever role you play at work. You can only surmount challenges with happiness. Try it and go into this year with Happiness and you’ll smile at the storm.

You may not be happy today, but there is the need to smile anyway. To put a smile on your face reflects a smile on somebody’s. If you wished everything could be perfect before you smile, then forget it. You could end up not smiling in your entire life. Why? Because I know you always know that life will never be fair to you, always. Shape up your jaws and put up a smile, regardless. Smile at the world and the world will jump smiling happily. Genuine smile breeds happiness. Happiness keeps life’s sorrow away.

At least, fake a smile to make a smile. Remember to moderately achieve a balance. You will be happy if you make up your mind to be. I lean towards Abraham Lincoln when he said that people are just as happy as they make up their minds to be. Be happy from within. Be happy with the beam. In fact, I do sell smiles if you don’t have one. Buy one from me. Just be happy.

For this is leadership!

Author: Richard Kwarteng Ahenkorah

Principal Trainer, Eagle Knowledge Institute || Author: Your Journey To The Top

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