Business Boulevard (BB)

BUSINESS BOULEVARD (BB): Management skills, corporate Governance, Entrepreneurship, Work and AI, and Branding. The Business Boulevard (BB) is a two category program designed for existing businesses seeking to scale and become an industry leader and entrepreneurs seeking to develop an idea into a profitable adventure.

BB covers: Business Registration, Creating a Business Plan, Value Proposition (U.S.P clarification) and Building scalable advantage, corporate governance and Marketing Your Brand.

Participants will be empowered with knowledge of how to:

  1. Build and develop business models for sustainability.
  2. Develop a winning attitude for peak performance
  3. Identify ways to generate breakthrough ideas and methods for businesses
  4. Analyze and implement the best customer service practices across industries
  1. Business executives and team leaders that need more insight to achieve corporate objectives.
  2. Professionals who intend to develop their entrepreneurial skills.
  3. Business leaders who intend to consistently be ahead of competition.

We can arrange these IN-HOUSE for organisations. Contact to find out more. Delegates are offered a CERTIFICATION on successful completion of training.

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