CAREER BITES (CB): Capacity building, Job craft and Work & AI. Career BITES will give you the practical means to transform your personal and professional life. CB will give you an opportunity to reflect on yourself inside out, thus, enabling you to improve your potential both in and out of the workplace.

CB focuses on the following areas: Managing Your Career, Positioning for job opportunities, Managing Your Personal Development, developing and improving Critical Thinking and Problem Solving skills and Developing Commercial and Industry Specific Awareness.

Participants will be empowered with knowledge of how to:

  1. Build and develop career for accelerated growth
  2. Develop a winning attitude for peak performance
  3. Develop attitude to impact the workplace
  4. Negotiate effectively whilst building long term relationships
  5. Influence Decision Making in the workplace
  1. Government employees
  2. Private sector employees
  3. Unemployed Graduates

We can arrange these IN-HOUSE for organizations. Contact to find out more. Delegates are offered a CERTIFICATION on successful completion of training.

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