There is always a change we constantly crave for in the workplace. So we ask too many questions but we fail to provide answers. We always want things to change around us. Yet we fail to change first. You are the change and not the things around you. We want a change in our lives, workplaces and homes but we forget that we are the ones to lead the change. A man went out to make friends, he had none. So he went out to be a friend and he had many of them.

Change the approach. You always want things to change but you are not ready to cause the change. So you have to charge yourself again. Change is from within. Some see change as difficult, expensive and sometimes uncompromising. True. Change processes are somewhat hypothetical and the practical side are thus overindulging. To welcome any change you must be genuine and psychologically prepared. Something which must start from within. Also true.

“The best way to manage change is to be prepared psychologically, physiologically and spiritually.”

Change things around you and don’t wait for things to change around you. It makes you have that control over situations. If you get the answer right, you will be close to the solution. Start changing from within. When you change from within, you will be dealing with egoism, corporate arrogance and team bugs. You will then appreciate why you should lead the change than to yell that things must change.

I have seen an entry level bank employee who questioned why so many departments were involved in a ‘simple’ cheque book requisition process. Upon scrutiny, the process flow was shortened from a week and a half to three days and later, to a day. He asked good questions. For example, were those approving officials really ‘really’ important in the process flow? Should we change our vendors? Honestly, the young man didn’t whine and accused anybody in the process. He changed things. In fact, if you don’t change things, things will change you. Look around Marketing, Supplies, Credit, Operations, Recovery, Audit, Auctioning, Branding, Recruitment, Cashing, Training, R&D and all the activities we do at the workplace. What can you change? Must the company embark on a Business Process Reengineering, Lean Management etc.? These are the questions you should be asking to trigger change from within and in your institutions.

I have also witnessed front liners who would not go out because the market dynamics have changed out there. Of course! You don’t expect the market to sit, stick and stay for you. As business generation teams, you are the ones to change by going out there and make things happen. If you don’t make things happen, things will happen to you.

Do you remember the story of the lad who failed to do what he has to do because people will do it for him? Avoid things happening to you. Make them happen for you and you should happen to things. Years ago, people never changed until they met Jesus Christ. Now you may not meet him on the streets of Galilee, Jericho or in the ‘garden of Gethsemane’. You just need to change and the time is now. Start working better, start working effectively and start working efficiently.

Leaders change situations and they don’t allow situations to change them. Change sees beyond current happenings. Do the right things and enjoy the success of doing them.

One beautiful thing about change is that, it is the only thing constant. Change always changes. In other words, no matter how good a situation is, it will definitely change and no matter how bad a situation is it will still change. Change authorities like Michael Beer and Kurt Lewin reaffirm this. So you see, we cannot certainly control change from the outside but at least we can change it from within. When everyone begins to change from within, it will shine from the outside.

In performance driven cultures, change is crucial, eminent and imminent. It is just rightly so. Right is just right. It has no substitute. Do the right things and propose change, the right way. We can’t be perfect. But we can work towards it. Change from within. Let this ring a bell every time! Changing from within is a must have attitude towards leadership development. Do well to find your faults. Don’t be quick to see other colleagues’ faults. Learning to change from within requires sober reflections, do self-critiquing, do self-auditing, do self-talks, find out the blockades, see which ones that are intrinsic and those that are extrinsic, do your own TOWS or SWOT analysis and tackle issues head-on. Find the root cause of the problem and don’t follow after the spread effect. Do you remember the problem tree or even the cause and effect model in solving problems?Get answers and let your answers point towards change. Change from within. ‘Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek’. I didn’t say this. President Barrack Obama said it.

For this is Leadership!

Author: Richard Kwarteng Ahenkorah

Principal Trainer, Eagle Knowledge Institute || Author: Your Journey To The Top

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