LEADERSHIP UNUSUAL (LU): Strategic leadership, Mind craft, Intelligence, Management, Cultural science, and Governance. Leadership Unusual is a training course that explore unconventional techniques and key leadership skills and their applications in organizations and institutions. The training will share nuggets for self-management, team leadership, strategies for Innovative thinking and effective communication.

Participants will be empowered with knowledge of how to:

  1. Discover self and personal unique leadership style.
  2. Practically lead followers to solve situations differently.
  3. Implement current strategies to drive teams and organizations to greater heights.
  4. Lead by example and mirroring.
  1. Middle and Senior Leaders who want to find a more authentic leadership style.
  2. Team leaders, Mentors and Coaches who need to communicate with their reports in more effective ways.
  3. Professionals who intend to transform their way of working to a more leader based ideal; empowering to gain greater performance.
  4. Aspiring leaders intending to appreciate change Management

We can arrange these IN-HOUSE for organisations. Contact info@ekigh.com to find out more. Delegates are offered a CERTIFICATION on successful completion of training.

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