Life is a journey. It’s always been said and it will always be journey. It’s interesting filled with happiness and disappointments. The cry at dawn and the laugh in the sun are all gifts of life. The challenge has always been that we are not prepared when the opportunities arrive, so they slip by. You need to be equipped on the inside to be ready on the outside to unleash your talents for bigger assignment. Unfortunately, people set off on the career journey without a map. So it sometimes gets hazy, murky and the unexpected sets in.
You know you have wings but you just can’t fly and you feel like throwing in the towel so to end the journey prematurely. But hey! You cannot quit if you want to win. I mean you cannot quit if you really want to win. You need to be in the game to win the game. You need to develop yourself on the inside so that you’ll be tough like the secretary bird, you’ll be prepared and ready like the EAGLE and you’ll be smart on the outside like the ant.
You surely need to get the MAP before you enter the woods. This will help you control your sweet spot to avoid your fortunes being grazed off. And when you practically experience the learning curve, you’ll see yourself climbing up the ladder with confidence as you build your competences aimed at controlling your destiny with greater enthusiasm to the top. And when you get the keys and skills, don’t leave the team behind. Pull them along. Carry them along and show them the way so that all of us will fly together. It’s ok to commit some mistakes on the journey. Mistakes increases experience and experience decreases mistakes on the journey. Live. Learn. Love. And when you sparkle, SHINE. ACT. INSPIRE. LEAD. So we can all SAIL. It’s not difficult as they say. But it’s also not easy as you think.
This is your journey to the top. GET ONE!!!

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