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" If life is the big stage the leader has to act. "

Whether you are an effective or ineffective leader, your contribution to leadership will always bring you into the spotlight. This is the main reason why leaders always seek answers and not to create problems. As a matter of fact, every leader at some point would be asked why? And interestingly, all answers must provide solutions. Yes, I mean solutions. From my experience, I can always differentiate a leading leader from a sleeping one. A leader who'll get things done will start by asking the right questions. So Confucius says that the man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones. To the point, don't put yourself in the spotlight when you cannot lead. Otherwise you have to be in the spotlight even when you are failing. Let me share a 21st century leadership secret with you. If you are not prepared for the assignment, let it pass. You have to be prepared. Preparation is willingness plus capacity. If you have capacity and you are willing, then you are ready.

As a matter of fact, some leaders don't really care whether institutions fail or succeed. I call it irresponsibility in the highest order. !e time has come in 21st century leadership where the spotlight has to be reserved for deserving leaders. So what's the spotlight? Popular dictionaries will call it a lamp or even an uplighter that throws a powerful beam of light directly on to a person or even a place, especially a performer on a stage. Like they say, if life is the big stage the leader has to act. Anytime I think of a spotlight the legendary Michael Jackson comes to mind. !e beauty of the spotlight is always about focus. When you are spotlighted, all you need to do is to show the crowd what you have. If you have nothing, just bounce. I mean leave. The point is, you have to do something. Everyone gets disappointed when you are under the spotlight and you offer nothing. To be promoted as a once high performing team member, now tasked to deliver on specific objectives but you are failing miserably which is why the spotlight is on you. A true leader does not expose himself to be under this spotlight. The spotlight can be positive and it can also be negative.

vThe whole idea is that leaders must do something to earn their contracts; whether social or performance. When you are hired to perform on a big stage, just shine. When you miss out on the big stage and you get to be spotlighted in a street pub, still shine. One thing I learnt in leadership as far as the office is concerned, is to take my spotlight with me everywhere I go. I try not to let anyone dim my shine. In one of my speaking sessions, a brilliant participant asked me; how do I do that? Simple but tough, I answered. Stay in the spotlight. She asked again. So how do I do that? Once again I replied, simple but tough. Performance and consistency, I smiled. Staying in the positive spotlight is all about exceeding targets consistently. Don't rest on your paddles.

One other thing I noticed in leadership is that leadership has turned into showmanship echoing Zhang Weiwei. If we learn to appreciate leadership we will clamour for consistency so to stay in the spotlight. Sometimes good leaders get into positive spotlights and the back-end crews dim their shine. Actually, my favourites are those who get on stage and disappear with antics of the art of Houdini. To stay in the spotlight, leaders must learn to sustain the follower motivation to keep the back-end crew happy. Remember, the lights don't shine forever. You have to keep it shining.

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