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" Leaders with their headlights on, always know that they don't rule. They lead. "

Serious countries create serious leaders. Same way, serious institutions create serious leaders. Serious institutions create many headlights. Headlight is a tool to equip people to see, essentially, in the dark. When you find yourself in the spotlight, you'll be seen and you'll always be short-changed if you don't see the people watching you. Obviously, it is not healthy to keep the equation imbalanced. Just to narrow what the headlight is, I would like to describe it as the powerful light at the front of a vehicle or even a bike. Yet, I would like to describe the headlight worn by miners who go on the underground and the powerful ones worn by the hunters.

The whole idea of the headlight is to provide vision. 21st century leaders know that they wear the headlight and without their lights on, followers wouldn't see ahead. An effective leader would need a headlight to show the way for followers to shine and do great things. Leaders with their headlights on, always know that they don't rule. They lead. You can never get lost when you have a vision. In very crucial terms, your vision is clearer with your headlight on. Your headlight is expected to make you stand out. So Ken Blanchard sums it that, leaders must work consistently and consciously to standout. Crowd may cloud your vision but focus on the headlight. The headlight principle is simple. Focus on the bigger picture in mind and keep achieving the operational deliverables towards the bigger goal.

Without the headlight principle in mind, you can't see far. Myopic leaders need to get their headlights on, to see farther. It's about direction, steering and seeing. Sometimes you don't need to do much as a leader. Just throw the light ahead for your team to see far. In effect, followers should be seeing their future through the rays of a leader's headlight. The headlight symbolizes a mantle of responsibility. Leaders who understand the headlight principle know that they don't rule but they lead. They show passion for what they do and also what they intend to unleash from followers. Passion here, is a combination of vision and feeling.

The headlight must provide strong vision and must generate adequate enthusiasm to keep the followers awake throughout the journey. Throw the headlight as far and fast as you can so to ensure that your vision is clear before you set off. The beauty is that, you can never get lost when your vision is clear. Keep it on when you find yourself in the woods. When you train to wear your headlights on, you work on your mind. It is very important to keep the mind working because if the mind fails to work, the body works in vain. Headlights provide warmth, comfort and enthusiasm to teams. If headlights dim, change it! Leaders must get their headlights working all the time and their lights must go ahead of them to secure the destination even before they get there. Followers are always ready to go the mile, unfortunately leaders are not providing the right motivation to urge them on. Office teams, like any other team, must demand that leaders show the way. When you find yourself in the spotlight, get your headlight on.

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