Many literatures have shared a lot on the character of the eagle. In our pursuit to the top, we need doses of the Eagle’s approach to life especially in our corporate leadership lessons. How the Eagle lives is crucial to our leadership lessons. CEO’s know this! This is why the book advised readers to wear the CEO hat from the very onset. The Eagle has the bigger picture in mind. Yes. The corporate world calls it the bird’s eye view. Although you should be mindful of the fine details, it is also good not to focus your energies on the unwanted particles.

“Always focus on the bigger picture and keep moving forward”

Look at it this way, when you are airborne and you try looking down from the windows of an airplane, you won’t see human beings. This is my viewpoint on the bigger picture. This is how the Eagle thinks. If you bother about the little things especially the petty things people say about you, you shall not move forward. Always focus on the bigger picture and keep moving forward. As it is often said, if you stop just to throw stones at every distracting dog that will growl at you on your way to a defined destination, you’ll surely end up showing up late at the party. The eagle’s traits are forthright and basic. Accuracy, always on the lookout, problem solving, listening well, setting targets, exceeding targets, thinking big and always getting better and bigger than every situation.

The Eagle hardly sees problems. Amidst interruptions, they go for what’s theirs. No matter the color of the weather the eagle will fly. What is fog or smog to the eagle? Amidst interruptions they will see through the haze and separate their targets from the many, if not the wheat from the chaff. They break issues down, the SMART way and what appears as though very big becomes small and achievable by day. They pick at a time because they believe in taking one step at a time. They are not greedy. Because they know what’s theirs. They can’t live without targets and they can’t sleep without achieving their targets. The point is, why must you sleep whilst you can be awake- the eagle’s mantra.

In their spare times, they fly higher, they fly lower, and they scan the environment for business. In other words, they are productive during their leave days. The eagle is very strategic and always keeping its eyes on the ball. Eagles love to fly alone most often because they are confident in their wings. They love to see what others are doing when they are not perching. In releasing stress, you’ll find the eagle seeing through itself. That’s self and internal reflection of its actions. It succumbs to Collin Powell’s AOR theory on Action, Observation and Reflection in Leadership which explains the spiral of experience. It takes stock on a daily basis on the back of its daily mission. Eagles are visionaries, so they always see beyond their peers. Their thinking, hearts and eyes are connected and they work tirelessly together which is why their vision is so clear.

They see through murky situations. Their eyes are wide open and they smile at every storm because as the King in the air, it knows the storm will definitely end at some point. You can’t see the Eagle coming, even though it is very big. It appears. It soars and never gets weary. Yes. We all know this. But do we grasp the drift? No whining, no complaining, no throwing of hands in the air, no cowering, no wavering, never in despair, no shivering, understanding situations, mapping up a plan and going after targets. The Eagle spreads its wings to exhaust all options. In effect, it doesn’t give up. It protects what belongs to the family and it never gets fatigued. It only believes that it had not been accurate enough when it misses a target.

Eagle doesn’t quickly react as the lion will do, neither do they get angry at themselves. They rather feel outsmarted so they go back to the drawing board and plan again. Every mistake is a new lesson. Just as the old adage, try again if at first you don’t succeed. The eagle sees from a distance and that’s why it is a visionary. They think long-term. They never say it cannot be done. As the Lion has the can-do-itude, the Eagle has the be-it-tude. It has no competition in the skies. It plans, strategizes and re-strategizes until it achieves its numbers. It has one goal. That is, going for the target. The talons of the Eagle are for a reason. I will keep this secret because we know this.

Eagles have CEOs disposition. They run their organizations with a clear vision but within a principle. They are the first to know when their talons start losing their clutches. I would not delve into the debatable arena of the rebirth of the eagle. Whether or not, it sheds its beak, feathers and talons? What is important here is that, Leaders will go through painful situations. There is no need to run and leave the problem behind. Leaders could retreat, pull out the weak links, recuperate by way of coming out with new strategies to grow strong clutching cultures, procedures, policies and people. This period is tough for every Leader. The Eagle goes through it.

In the air the Eagle reigns. It owns and executes with possession and ownership. You can interrupt the eagle, but it will come back to possess what it believes belongs to it. Sales teams need this. They are never scared of current happenings because they always see beyond the problems and they always know tomorrow will be better than today, so there is nothing to worry about. This is one of the numerous traits they pass on to their younger ones: ‘yesterday is gone so I let it go, but for tomorrow I’ll plan for it and also ensure I see ahead and farther than competition’. Eaglets are never pampered but are rather directed. They see along their parents, reason along their parents, practice along their parents and they fly when their parents are no more because they’ve learnt to fly on their own. No ‘spoon-feeding’. In their elements, eaglets wish ducks could also fly and be like them because they hate the quacks.

Nonetheless the eagle knows there should always be leaders and followers. Don’t be a follower. Be a leader. Be an eagle and drive your targets. Have a CEO mind-set and take ownership. Ask good questions when you don’t see clearly because no matter the color of the weather the eagle must see, the eagle must fly and the eagle must go out there and meet its targets if not exceeding them. The Eagle flies above the clouds so it is never afraid of the rains. On the other hand, other birds would run for shelter and into their nests when it rains.

There’s one beautiful thing about the Eagle. It focuses on the important things. In the sky, it has the bigger picture always in mind. When you are airborne, you only see vegetation, buildings and river bodies. You don’t see people. This is it. Don’t focus too much on people you cannot see in your bigger picture. The trick however is that, be quick to see the important things only. Be accurate with your sight. Learn to go alone. Forget about past successes and break new grounds. Face challenges head on. Do not give all away. Be prepared always.

For this is Leadership!

Author: Richard Kwarteng Ahenkorah

Principal Trainer, Eagle Knowledge Institute || Author: Your Journey To The Top

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