Talk about the hunter and some ‘crazy’ characteristics, mannerisms and implausible ideas come to mind; strategy, pride, gallantry, happiness, agony and heroism. You can even call it bravery. Have you seen 300, the movie? It shows how boys are developed into men using the hunters approach to Leadership Development. Boys fight bears and they draw the strategy of winning. True. The market is wild. Competition is tough. Rivalry is fierce and your competitors are not sleeping today and are perhaps not going to sleep in decades. So you don’t whine, cower and leave the bears to run the market. The hunter says, no and never. But competition is good. Life is boring without competition.

“Hunting is a numbers game. The hunter is heartless but wise.”

The major side of leadership is to see competition and devise ways to confront. You can go the blue ocean or the red ocean. Leadership is about solving problems. A Leader does not create problems. Let me be blunt. You don’t create a mess. A leader fixes problems and a leader shows the way. The hunter always knows that even though the bush and the game may be bloodcurdling and ferocious, the preys may also be scared. The point is that, he who makes the first move may get the princess. So the hunter is pitiless and rather confident. He separates emotions from facts and makes decisions when he has to. Not all his decisions may be right but he is sure to defend his position because he has on countless nights lived in the rain and left alone in the cold.

Until animals write their stories, the tales of hunting will always be told by the hunter, they say. The hunter always shares his experience. It’s all about knowledge transfer. Of course he may be biased with the truth sometimes, but the point is that he will share his story for people to know and learn. He develops talents because he knows the game is always alive with opportunities. The hunter always tells this story because hunting is an art. It’s just like sales, marketing, business generation and business development. Until you go out into the game you can never learn the art of hunting. The more you do, the more you know. The more you know, the more you learn by day. The more you learn by day, the more you build life’s experiences. The point is that you need to be in the game to win the game. Simple.

Hunting is a numbers game. Just like sales. Hunters are result oriented. The hunter is always prepared. It believes that it is by far better to be prepared and not having an opportunity than having the opportunity and not prepared. Before you start work on a daily basis, you should ask yourself, what am I contributing to my career on this day? Plan and itemize them. The hunter does that. When you finish for the day, pullout the checklist and strike out what you have done and subsequently confirm with yourself whether you deserve a wage for the day. The hunter does this on a daily basis. He monitors his deliverables and successively manages his performance. To the hunter, no game no pay.

The hunter is heartless but wise. The critical matter here is that nothing matters to him apart from winning. The hunter doesn’t know of a sick or nauseating animal in the bush. All he cares about is to bring some ‘meat’ home. He always believes that the game is vast, large and full of opportunities. Hunters are not lazy. They are performers. In our corporate world, you should know that the market is really vast, large and also full of opportunities. You don’t have to worry about what is out there. Think about how well you are prepared. Be armed. The hunter will always concentrate on his strategy and drive it. In other words, no matter how dry the land is and no matter how worrying the market will be, you just cannot come home empty. This is the hunter’s approach to life and leadership. In effect, when you step out there,you need to retire to your offices with new deals, new customers and fresh ideas. The hunter will never call himself ‘the hunter’ if he fails to deliver. You should not be quick to be proud with your positions. To be hunters, you have to learn to earn your shirts. The hunter exhausts all options because he cannot come home with nothing. 21st century Leadership is demanding. Reading several leadership literatures opened new chapters in career progression and Leadership Development for me. For example, if a client fails to agree on product ‘A’, don’t just leave. What about product ‘B’? Have you sold the features of other products? What about your brand? There’s always one beautiful thing about the hunter. He reports success stories and everywhere he goes he believes the game is his. Develop the outlook that wherever you go, there are opportunities untapped. When you do this, you will always see the light and the brighter side of things will show up earlier than imagined.

See success where others see only failure, because you are a hunter. Remember that hunting sometimes involves going to the bush without knowing the conditions of the game. It’s sad. But the hunter always makes the condition his home. Don’t tell too much stories. Share results. Situations are meant to be managed. That is what the hunter does. Manage information as a Leader. Don’t say it all. If the hunter should tell you his experiences in the bush you may not even taste the meat from his game. So hunters learn to keep some secrets. The hunter’s approach to life and leadership should always remind us to ‘dig a well before we thirst and plant a seed before we go hungry’. Hunters never reap from where they’ve not sown, just as the farmer.They think ahead of the game. They are strategists. They search and research. They just don’t set traps for nothing. They see ahead because they look ahead. The trouble with the future for most people is that they wait for its arrival before they start getting ready for it. Be prepared.

The hunter always is. The old boys scout motto has never failed us. Be prepared. The hunter needs only one source of light to be successful in his activities. It is the headlight. He makes sure not to pick conflicting signals. He has one light, one vision and all there is to succeed in the workplace is to see ahead. Be a leader. Be a hunter.

For this is Leadership!

Author: Richard Kwarteng Ahenkorah

Principal Trainer, Eagle Knowledge Institute || Author: Your Journey To The Top

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