A day shall pass. Another day will come. A day at a time may sound pleasing to the ear. Until we actually read to understand the chapters, we’ll still be here. But understanding the activities of each day require a lot more. A day in the life of a leader may be filled with stories, interesting scenes, songs, office gossips and sometimes avoidable dramas. Yet, leaders survive each day with pride so to start another day in humility.

“Until we actually read to understand the chapters, we’ll still be here.”

Leaders go through phases as chapters of rough edgy storms waiting to be pieced together by day. If you’ve heard anywhere that leaders learn on the go, it means leaders learn to understand the chapters as they unfold. As long as leadership is also about finding solutions, enduring to deal with complex matters and inspiring people to wear doses of smiles, understanding chapters’ stage after stage should add on to leader preparation.

Leader preparation is not a pleasant process. It feeds into leader rites of passage. Nonetheless, you stash experience and shelve immaturity to understand the chapters as days go by. Every chapter must give a new learning experience. That’s the whole idea. Not all leaders go through the process. Not all leaders read the chapters. That is why leader experiences are different. Some flip the chapters in the process. They don’t go through the mill.

Some do corporate politics to get there and they get exposed in the end. From my experience, the best way to do corporate politics is not doing politics at the office. Work your way up! Be seen and known as the employee who excelled to the top. That’s glory! People who work their way up don’t wade in credit taking. They earn team respect by taking on team responsibilities. It’s one thing reading the chapters and another thing understanding the chapters. Don’t be quick to run jumping up and down brushing through the chapters. Don’t avoid sensitive issues affecting the team within the chapters.

Don’t rubbish delicate team requests. Don’t start discussions by ignoring the subject when issues are sensitive (Menkes 2006). Pick the signals. Weigh the team’s emotional plight. Connect with team’s emotions and show empathy, humanly. Don’t justify actions with emotions. Be rational. Leaders who take time to read chapters word after word, acquire knowledge on knowledge. Once you learn to move ahead you look forward to the finish line. True leaders understand and share their life chapters with pride. Galileo said that’ you cannot teach a person something he does not already know; you can only bring what he does know to his awareness’. True leaders easily identify with cultures. Understanding chapters refreshes the things you already know. You don’t have to worry about the plan that didn’t work. You look forward to the plan that is about to work. Learning the lessons in each chapter should be natural. Although chapters may work in specific and peculiar situations, every single step must add to the collective.

For this is Leadership!

Author: Richard Kwarteng Ahenkorah

Principal Trainer, Eagle Knowledge Institute || Author: Your Journey To The Top

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