You can’t keep on piling issues to remain hurt always. Get those nightmares behind you and look into the future with a new energy. Learn to move forward with strength and newness. Don’t stack those hurts. Stockpiling issues unnecessarily for no particular reason, whining about everything and blaming everyone around you apart from yourself, is not too healthy for leadership development. Allow yourself some room for a self-check. Falling is normal. You can’t fall without movement and you fall because you move. Just direct your Moving, falling and getting up bring experience. Keep on moving. Try moving. Rise when you fall. Don’t just stand up. Stand out.

“To live or to die, is to decide.”

Don’t abhor falling. Despise not rising. Appreciate falling. It’s not a smooth process. But know that you need some scars in the process to becoming a star. Don’t be happy hoarding failures.

Stash experience. I mean loads of this. They will come in handy when you gather more. Stashing experience rights your future wrongs and they counsel when your advisors go to sleep.

Make the most out of any ‘falling’ situation. Nobody has more hours in a day than the other. Time happens to all. Your falling moments would be different from others, anyway. Make good use of where you are and do well with the time you have even when you are down. Make time profitable because this is the only free resources given to all. Every hour counts and every tick of the clock is crucial. How do you use your minutes and hours in particular and time in general?

Fortune may smile today but could betray tomorrow. Just work harder and increase performance by day. Don’t hope for luck because it may never come. Make good use of every opportunity.

There is a price to pay for every wasted second. Coming out of the cold is temporary. Staying in the warmth cannot also be guaranteed. See the end from the beginning and be critical with any decision you take on the leadership journey.

Learn to make decisions. Never leave a lacuna for indecision. For every move, decide. To live or to die, is to decide. Know this on the journey towards leadership development. A lot of of experiences occur and reoccur. The pain, the sorrow, the love and the hate are all gifts of life. Call them life’s experiences. You can only lament for a moment. You can only be hated for some time. But none of these control nature’s gifts. Keep on sowing. Some seeds shall fall on hard ground, some shall fall on real rocks, and others may fall on the wayside as well as, in the midst of thorns. Confidently, some shall surely fall on good soil someday. I guess you can relate to this, just as in the parable of the sower situation. The point here is that, you can only guarantee that some seeds shall surely fall on good soil when you don’t stop sowing. Keep on experiencing the chapters of life. Open them with confidence and not arrogance. You’ll go through them and take everything as life’s lessons. Some people have sown over wide fields, which is why they smile at the storm even in their downtimes. The highs and the lows are all gifts. The grins and the tears could only remind you of some photographs. You will always remember and laugh over them some day. Life and everything therein are all gifts. Take challenges on the job as gifts and not as just lessons. Always see ahead and picture a beautiful tomorrow. There is no point whining just about everything. See positive. Be positive. Willis Whitney blows my mind that, people have many reasons why they couldn’t do something when all they really need is one reason why they can do that thing.

Learn to control your temperament and be emotionally intelligent on your journey to leadership development. Don’t follow the team who says it cannot be done, because it can be done. Keep doing it and you’ll encounter mistakes. But do it anyway. This is the only way you learn and invent. People innovate because they don’t stop doing what they failed at. Keep knocking at the doors of customers until they buy and sign on to your products. Doors may be closed not locked. Don’t be quick to throw your hands in the air and cower. Get through it. You need to know how to get up, dust off and set off again. One thing I know for sure is that, things don’t happen to people, people happen to things. The workplace is a demanding world. But as the streetwise

Mexican would say: ‘what you gonna do huh’? Don’t stash disappointments. Stock up success stories. Don’t stash regrets, whining and failures. Clean up and take some experience home as you journey on to Leadership development. Win and stash medals. Not failures.

For this is Leadership!

Author: Richard Kwarteng Ahenkorah

Principal Trainer, Eagle Knowledge Institute || Author: Your Journey To The Top

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